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Why I’ve Randomly Decided to Try to Resurrect My Blog

You know how people say “Time flies….”?   That’s complete crap.  It doesn’t fly; it moves at light speed.  Or at least in my world, that’s how the past three years have gone. I used to hang out here in … Continue reading

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My Shitty First Draft

Currently I find little to be excited about in public education.  Between the standardized testing, the new Ohio Teacher Evaluation System, the Common Core curriculum, and the 7am start time, I’ve begun to become a little, disillusioned shall we say, … Continue reading

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And I Ran (I ran so far away….couldn’t get away)

I can run and run till face turns blue, but I can’t get away from you…run on sentences. Even in a college level composition course I find so many run-ons and fragments it’s so aggravating, and frustrating.  Although I review the … Continue reading

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Ten guilty pleasures

In the spirit of being a good sport for my students, I’ve decided to write this blog.  They are working on an essay called “This is fun?” and they’re not having much of it with these papers.  They keep saying … Continue reading

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What’s a poor teacher to do?

I’m looking for a little help with this.  Maybe some of you can be of assistance. I’m a teacher.  My job is to take my vast array of knowledge and help impart it onto my students.  But, it’s not good … Continue reading

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This hurts me more than it hurts you…

Today is our Senior’s last day of school.  The mood is light hearted but bittersweet, nostalgic. And they walked into my room third period for their last day.  And I had to crush them.  It pained me to do it.  … Continue reading

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