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The Pee-Pee Problem

Twenty two years ago, when I was pregnant for the first time, I was pretty clueless about the whole “wonder of pregnancy” thing.  Instead of being in awe and wonder at the miracle of life, I was totally grossed out … Continue reading

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Why I’ve Randomly Decided to Try to Resurrect My Blog

You know how people say “Time flies….”?   That’s complete crap.  It doesn’t fly; it moves at light speed.  Or at least in my world, that’s how the past three years have gone. I used to hang out here in … Continue reading

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My Shitty First Draft

Currently I find little to be excited about in public education.  Between the standardized testing, the new Ohio Teacher Evaluation System, the Common Core curriculum, and the 7am start time, I’ve begun to become a little, disillusioned shall we say, … Continue reading

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