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The Empty Locker Breakdown

I grabbed the little guy’s sweaty palm and brushed a couple of pop tart crumbs off the Jeff Gordon t-shirt.  We walk through the doors and introduce ourselves to the Pre-school teacher.  She leads him to a little table full … Continue reading

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Field of Dreams (Deferred)

Digging through a stack of clothes on my closet floor, I find the pink thermal underwear.  I put them on under a pair of particularly loose jeans.  The long-sleeved thermal T-shirt came next, on top of which I layered a … Continue reading

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Goin’ Back to Cali

Twenty some years ago I made an ill-decided visit to California to visit my ex-high-school-boyfriend. But that’s a different story. Right now I’ve got a total of 10 minutes to kill here before my ride to the airport shows up. … Continue reading

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A Working Vacation

When I ran screaming and tearing my clothes off twenty days ago to celebrate the end of another school year, visions of sleeping in, lounging at the pool, and watching movies danced in my head. No work for the whole … Continue reading

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The Boys of Summer Tour

Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw embarked on their “Brothers of the Sun” tour recently. At the same time this family embarks on a tour of our own. I’d like to call it “The Boys of Summer” tour. Headliners are my … Continue reading

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The List

Ahhh. It’s finally June. School is out and we teachers who have spent the last few weeks under the big top should now be completely relaxed? Right? Wrong! Not this bearded lady! The first day of summer vacation inevitably brings … Continue reading

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Hangin’ in the Hillbilly Hood

My sons play baseball.  Away games sometimes take us to interesting new locations far and different from what we see in the Valley.  This isn’t a post about those locations, sadly.  Instead, it’s a post about how I found myself … Continue reading

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