Democrats – play nice.

I’m one of those people who still feels waves of nausea when I think about the next four years, living in the shadow of a spoiled bully who has absolutely no filter over his ignorant mouth.  Now, don’t get me wrong,  I would not give myself over 100% to the democratic party either.  Call me crazy, but I think it would really be awesome if, in Washington, just like in Kindergarten, we could just all get along and play nice.

Do I think Trump and a completely Republican-run government is going to be a complete disaster?  Oh yeah, without a doubt. At first I just thought that because of the elitists and racists and generally horrible candidates I think Trump has already surrounded himself with in his cabinet.  But after reading Nancy Pelosi’s comments about the talks surrounding the Republican repealing of Obamacare, I have even more reason to be especially dour about America’s forecast. (I might just head over and hang out in The Blogess’ Pillow Fort for the next four years.  She’s got the right idea, I think!)

While my personal health care situation isn’t immediately at risk with any congressional action surrounding the Affordable Health Care Act, I know several people whose is.  I worry for them.  It’s a really, really super important issue.  A  CNN article today reports that Republicans recognize that repealing the act without a reasonable replacement would leave many Americans stranded, without the health care they so desperately need.  So, Republicans have hearts after all, which I was kind of relieved to hear.

Apparently they’re thinking about putting a repeal on the table, but delaying some elements of the repeal to leave time to come up with a better plan of some kind or to account for people who would otherwise be immediately devoid of health care.  They’re calling it “repeal and delay.”  (Somehow that echoes “shock and awe” to me.  Not sure why, but it does sound awesome and ominous at the same time.)

So anyway, that plan sounds like maybe that could be reasonable.  To be sure, Obamacare needs work.  Not gonna lie, it makes me feel a little warm and fuzzy when I think about these lawmakers actually taking a second to stop and think about the ramifications of their knee-jerk reactionary threats.   I sort of worry about the blind repeal of everything that’s transpired over the last 8 years in a matter of 8 hours on January 20, not because everything that’s been done was so awesome, but because it’s not always a good idea to do something just because you can.  But now, instead of taking their balls and going home, (I’m sure my son could give me a great joke here about the Republicans and their balls about now, but he’s not here) the Republicans have agreed to re-negotiate the rules so we can keep playing.  That’s a good thing, in my opinion. That seems kind of common-sensical.

But then, as I read on I see that Pelosi calls the strategy of “repeal and delay” “an act of cowardace,” which I wish she would explain.  I’m not sure what’s cowardly about backing off what was a terrible threat to begin with. That actually seems kind of mature to me, like when my 3 year old is considering throwing her entire dinner on the floor but then decides that would probably be a bad idea.  I’m not sure why caution in this case is being equated with cowardace, but I suspect that she really doesn’t see it as a cowardly act at all.  Instead, it’s just an opportunity to continue the petty name-calling that has saturated our political system.

What’s worse than her baseless name-calling, however, is her warning that, “Democrats will play no role in helping their colleagues across the aisle replace the ACA.”  What the what????  So that’s how we’re going to continue to play politics, huh?  After being on the receiving end of a party who made it their mission to styme progress for four years, after having dealt with that kind of frustration, the plan is to refuse to cooperate back?  So the Democrats aren’t going to play.  You’re mad that you lost, so what?  You’re going to sit in a corner for the next four years with your arms folded across your chest?  That’s real mature.

Seriously.  Could that comment be any more childish or counter-productive?  Aren’t our politicans supposed to care about what happens to us?  Didn’t people bemoan the Trump election because they felt like the new administration wouldn’t actually care about people?

How are Pelosi’s comments any different?  Wouldn’t it make sense to have a bipartisan group work together to try to preserve and protect the parts of Obamacare that are serving the public, but generating solutions and alternatives to the parts that are broken?  Pelosi, with her comments, demonstrates the appeal that Trump had with so many voters – the disgust of politics as usual and the insular nature of Washington insiders.  She’s regurgitating the same infuriatingly childish rhetoric that is the true root of what’s keeping America from being “great again”  – childish immaturity.

I’m no political analyst. I’m not an expert in government policy or in health care.  I don’t even begin to suggest that I could come up with better solutions.  But, I am a mom and a teacher; I have a pretty good amount of common sense, and to me, the best way to make America great again (if anybody with any power actually cares about stuff like that) would be for the Democrats to put on their big kid panties, roll up their sleeves and get to work.

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2 Responses to Democrats – play nice.

  1. The Hook says:

    You may not be an analyst, but you know your stuff all the same.

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