Silencing the Valley Voice

My son found out about my blog.  I was afraid this was going to happen eventually, and the day is here.  Now I don’t know what to do.

The little sneak was listening in on my conversation with one of my best friends.  She and I only catch up a couple of times a year.  For some reason the 21st century seems to have passed us by in our method of communicating with one another.  We could text and email, but we don’t.  We just talk on the phone for an hour or more like we did when we were in high school.

Anyway, last week we had one of our bi-yearly conversations.  As you can imagine they go on for quite some time and recount all of the most interesting aspects of our lives.  My blog is one of the most interesting aspects of mine (sad, I know), so I thought I’d tell her about it.  Plus, it would give her a little window into the life I live here in the Valley, which is very different from hers in the suburbs of D.C.  Plus, she knows my family so she’ll think my blogs about them are a hoot.  I always like a friendly audience.

So today there was a debacle in school involving Farm Girl, electricity, and an Interviention Specialists’ trip to the hospital.  I was looking for details about the incident because I could smell a really great “Tales From the Teacher’s Lounge” blog in the works.

So the boy pops his head in my classroom at lunch and tells me his buddy’s got the skinny.
“Awesome,”  I remark running out of the room, “I feel a blog coming on.”

And then he ruined it.

“I know about your blog.”

“I know you know about my blog.”

“No, mom.  I KNOW about your blog.  I know your name.  I heard you telling your friend about it.”

“Listen here you little punk,”  I begin, “if you tell ANYBODY where to find my blog, I will literally kill you.  You got that?”

“Yeah,”  he said laughing.  So much for the menacing, mob-style fear I was trying to induce.

I’m now left with a serious dilemma.   Having the people I work with know about my blog will take all the fun (and content) out of my blogging!   What’s a blogger to do?   If I have to be nice all the time, what’s left to say?

Topic ideas, anyone?

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9 Responses to Silencing the Valley Voice

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    New blog identity. Quick. 😉

  2. jaymers says:

    Do you think you could throw them off? Write a few posts about shamanism or write a review of your trip to the vetrinarian chiropractor, and they’d look at each other like your son was crazy… “Nah, this can’t be your mom’s blog!”

  3. Victoria says:

    Oh no!!! Is he a good secret keeper? I really need you to continue blogging. Each entry is like a cheerful hello from you. Plus I need to know more about Farm Girl. I fear for other little piggies being blasted off. Valleygirl, you must carry on, even if it means a new secret identity.

    • valleygirl96 says:

      You are too sweet. Watch out, though, because I’ve been going down memory lane in my head a little bit, and I’m thinking I’ve got a couple of good posts that involve you and me. Remember the boner at church camp incident? The Sadie Hawkins double dumping of the dates?

  4. Clive is yours! I would be honored and think what you could do with a guys name! I’m actually a 16-year old girl with braces and a pony tail! HF

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