Just sayin’ No

This Black Friday season I’m just sayin’ no.  Every year it seems I succomb to the pressure of the retailers.  I say to myself “I am NOT getting up at an ungodly hour (or staying up all night long) to go buy stuff.”  And yet….

There’s the circular with all those pretty colors.  And there’s the low, low prices plastered all over the place.  There’s the competition factor:   Will I be the one customer lucky enough to snag that one laptop selling for $99.99?  I know I probably won’t be, but I feel as if I must try.  I recall that adreneline rush and feeling of triumph while I was holding the last of the $50 guitar hero sets a few years back.  The feeling.  It’s like a drug, man.

There’s the fear of the unknown.   What if I miss out on a really good sale?  There may be no more pajama bottoms left when I go to find them for my family!  Then what?   I will be cursing my decision to stay tucked in my warm bed.  Who knows what kinds of bargains are out there?   What things do I NEED that I will be passing up because I don’t wish to stand in long lines in the freezing cold?

Then, I also recall the feeling of utter shame as I stand in the checkout line, sometimes for nearly an hour, just to have the privelage to give “the man” some of my hard-earned money?   Shouldn’t he be a-knocking at my door?  What IS this madness?

And this madness is no longer relegated to the day after Thanksgiving.  Now the sales are starting earlier and earlier.  It used to be 6am.  Then 4.  Now we’re talking Midnight or even Thanksgiving evening.  It’s madness, I tell you!   I can’t eat turkey leftovers in line at Kohls….or can I?

No.  This year I will stand strong.  I will not succumb to the scare tactics and bandwagon appeals of the retail world.  In fact, maybe this year I will boycott the whole holiday gift-giving circus altogether.  I think there’s an orange in my fridge that I can throw in my kids’ tube socks.  That made Laura Ingalls happy, didn’t it?

So I urge you to stand strong with me, people.  Say no to the madness, the pressure, they hype.  Get back to the true meaning of the holiday.  Cuz if y’all do then I will be sure to get that laptop!

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5 Responses to Just sayin’ No

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    My dislike of shopping and crowds is more than enough to overcome any temptations of a good deal. Can’t remember the last time I went shopping on Black Friday, and I don’t plan to do so anytime soon. 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. javaj240 says:

    I refuse to do Black Friday. Cyber Monday? That’s a different story.

  3. I can proudly say that I have never shopped a Black Friday sale in my life! Of course, I also hate shopping … and I have a fear of crowds, but most of my great accomplishments are a result of my fears. ~Vicki

  4. The Hook says:

    I know better than to engage in Black Friday shenanigans. Great post!

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