And I Ran (I ran so far away….couldn’t get away)

I can run and run till face turns blue, but I can’t get away from you…run on sentences.

Even in a college level composition course I find so many run-ons and fragments it’s so aggravating, and frustrating.  Although I review the rules over and over again.  Still students continue to write run on sentences (or comma splices but they’re essentially the same),they write fragments too.  All over the place.  Don’t even, get me started on the bizarre, comma placement in their sentences it makes the writing really difficult, at times to understand.  I have tried to teach them something.  About the fragments and run-ons, the exercise I gave them, however, only resulted in a bunch of misplaced and illogical modifier errors.

They just don’t understand how important it is to use good grammar people think you’re not very smart, if you cant use any form of punctuation properly, not to mention that it masks clarity, and really affects the readers ability, to understand.

But they say to me “it’s not my fault the reader can’t understand it.  That’s MY writing it’s how I wanted to say it. Other writers sometimes break the rules of writing.”  Because they already know the rules.  Is what I tell them, and they have a publisher who gave them special permission, to break the rules.  So until you have a publisher.  You have to learn how to write properly.  Using proper punctuation, and comma rules, and to use parallel structure in your writing.  Modifying the correct sentences, the reader can then understand what you’re trying to say.  You want to communicate dont u?

I’m just so glad that their bad habits, dont rub off on me.  And my writing.


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8 Responses to And I Ran (I ran so far away….couldn’t get away)

  1. Jonesingafter40 says:

    This made, me, grin. 🙂

  2. Carrie Rubin says:

    This was great. Sadly, I’ve encountered some blogs that have a similar writing style as your students!

  3. Thank you for post. I had to laugh. M retired teacher. One term I had a class that used, punctuation, in the oddest: ways or none whatsoever anywhere at all. LOL Finally I made them read their compositions as written aloud to their mates. When they started reading as it should be spoken, I would interrupt and say no you cannot breathe there is no punctuation there. At first there was shock. Then – bless them – much hilarity ensued. Often we forget text is spoken word?

  4. javaj240 says:

    You don’t mentally correct my blog, do you?

    Very clever post!

  5. Love this! I am so tired of run-on sentences that I could just jump out in traffic and dance Gangham Style just in case there may be someone who will stop and ask me why I am dancing like a freak and what can they do to help me stop dancing like a goofball. (Here was my run-on for your cause, cutie!)

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