Jeremiah’s Journey to the Big City

Last night, my kids left the damn TV on (again) when they left the room.  Usually it’s something completely mind-numbing like ESPN or a baseball or football game between two teams I couldn’t care less about.  I normally just shut the thing off without giving it a second glance.

But not last night.  Last night it got left on TLC. It was about 7:30, and I was dealing with the dirty dishes, pans, and cups that seem to engulf my kitchen nightly when I looked up and saw written on the screen “Holmes County, OH”  Behind the words was a picturesque farm house with an Amish boy resting on the porch, looking into the crops in the distance.  It struck me as a particularly veritable representation since it’s a scene I’ve actually seen.  “Hey!”  I cry to nobody in particular because my children and husband are MIA and I’m left to deal with the kitchen mess alone, “Holmes county!  Ha.  That’s us!”

Okay, well it’s not us, exactly, but we live very near Holmes County and regularly trek to Amish Country down on Rte. 39 toward Sugarcreek and Berlin to get some great cooking and even better furniture.  So I feel like here I am seeing my hometown on TV.  Only, it’s totally not my hometown, but I don’t care.  It’s close enough for me.

I have to keep watching and see what an Amish boy from my neck of the woods is doing on National TV.  The next thing I know it’s 10:45.  I’ve burned over three hours watching a new reality show, “Breaking Amish”.

The premise is that these five Amish kids decide to leave their communities and move to New York City.  Think MTV’s “The Real Life” for the Amish.  I wrote yesterday about my guilty pleasures, one of which used to be watching “The Real Life” and being both disgusted and entertained at the antics of the cast.

I quickly learn that Kate has an outstanding DUI from when her parents kicked her out of the house.  I immediately decide she’s one of my favorites.  Then again, I also like Jeremiah.  For one, he’s the dude from Holmes County, for two he says he was adopted.  So was I, so we’re like kindred spirits except that I was lucky enough to be adopted into a family that believed in electricity.  I’ve decided he’s the cast member I’m going to root for.  Plus I like the sweet tatoo he got.

When my husband gets home around 9, I quickly get him sucked in with me.  He sits watching although he has to get ready to leave for a five day business trip the next morning.  “Is it me or does Rebecca seem like kind of a bitch?”  He asks.  “Totally!”  I agree.

I’m hooked now.  I will be tuning in to the new episode on Sunday night at 10:30, even though that is way past my bedtime.  My husband won’t admit it, but he will snuggle in next to me, say “I can’t believe you watch this crap,” and secretly think about how he can’t wait to find out how Sabrina handles the Brazillian Wax.


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5 Responses to Jeremiah’s Journey to the Big City

  1. javaj240 says:

    Normally I avoid reality TV like Pigpen near a bathtub, but this sounds watchable.

  2. I havent seen it. My wife grew up near there too. Now we are down in Cincinnati. So hello to a fellow Ohio blogger!

  3. You had me at Amish! Lol! My husband says things like “I can’t believe you watch this crap” and is right there into it, too. Hilarious!!

    • valleygirl96 says:

      I know! It’s a weird sort of denial, I think. They crack on the show the whole time they’re watching it as if to say, “see how stupid I think this is.” Then they HAVE to watch the next episode to see if it’s “stupider.” I’m not fooled!

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