Ten guilty pleasures

In the spirit of being a good sport for my students, I’ve decided to write this blog.  They are working on an essay called “This is fun?” and they’re not having much of it with these papers.  They keep saying things like, “I love running because I enjoy it so much.” And “shopping is great because It is just so much fun to pick out and buy new things.”

It’s admittedly tough to break down one of your guilty pleasures and analyze what draws us to activities other people just don’t understand.  So, for the sake of the children I’m playing along.  Only, I’m not writing the whole essay.  Inhave a graduate degree that says I already can and so I don’t have to. Na na na boo boo.

But, if I did have to write the essay I could do it on any of these topics:

1.  Dancing in the kitchen, singing into a wooden spoon

2.  Buying varying shades of mauve nail polish

3.  Blogging

4.  Drinking Smirnoff Ice on weeknights

5.  Baking chocolate chip cookies

6.  Eating all of said cookies while they’re still warm

7.  Making fun of what people are wearing (but only when it’s really, really bad and they should know better)

8. Telling dirty jokes

9. Yelling curse words at the Jillian Michaels DVD while I’m working out

10.  Coaching cheerleading (Shhhh….don’t tell anyone this one, especially!)

There you go, kiddos.  There’s Mrs. K’s list.  Oh, what?  You say my ideas aren’t developed enough?  Unfortunately for you I’m the one doing the grading.  And I give myself an A+ for Awesomeness!

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3 Responses to Ten guilty pleasures

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    Take that A+. You’ve earned it!

  2. You are awesome! I am absolutely shocked (but then, once I really think about it, I am not shocked at all) about your #10! Give me an A! 🙂

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