The Annoying Day

You ever have a day that’s just out-and-out annoying as hell?  Welcome to my day.  Pardon me while I vent about all of the completely trivial but annoying events of my morning.

1.  I forgot to put my towel next to the shower.  Not only did I get the bathroom floor all wet, but I was freezing.  Not a fun way to start the day at 5am.

2.  I couldn’t find my travel coffee mug – the ONE mug that I have to take with me because it holds more than any of my other mugs.

3.  After spending ten of those precious morning minutes working up a sweet playlist on my Ipod, the AV system in my brand new car wasn’t working correctly and I couldn’t get the playlist to play on my way to work.  A definite buzzkill.

4.  The clock in my car is all funky.  I know I wasn’t driving to work at 3:47, but what I didn’t know is whether or not I was going to be late.   I hate being late.  It stresses me out.

5.  I couldn’t find two very important papers that I’m sure I left on my desk last night.  Spent fifteen minutes looking for them.  Nada.

6.  My whiteboard hadn’t been cleaned – again.  Well, let me take that back.  Last night I left a note, “Please clean the board.”  All that got cleaned was that sentence.  Seriously?

7.  The bells in our building are haywire.  The fire alarm keeps going off at random intervals and the normal bell chime isn’t ringing at the scheduled end of the period.  This resulted in me letting 30 freshmen loose on the building ten minutes before the end of the period.  Yikes.

8.  The copy machine in the lounge was out of staples.

9.  I entered a set of grades into the new gradebook program and then accidentally deleted all of them.

Seeing as it’s only 11am and I still have three more class periods to teach plus coaching the middle school cheerleaders at their first game tonight, I’m guessing that the list may get quite a bit longer.

In fact, I’m guessing that the cork will break off in the wine bottle this evening.  Sigh.  I guess some days are just like that.


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2 Responses to The Annoying Day

  1. Ouch. Tough day. Hope your week gets better. Lots better!

  2. The Hook says:

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