The List

Ahhh. It’s finally June. School is out and we teachers who have spent the last few weeks under the big top should now be completely relaxed?

Right? Wrong! Not this bearded lady!
The first day of summer vacation inevitably brings out the beast in me instead. And its all because of the list.

This is a list that I keep during the school year. On it goes every project or task that I want/need to get done but have no time to do during the school year. Let’s be honest. A few things on the list are things I don’t have time to do, but more often than not things go on the list because I don’t want to do them. Instead I just say “I’ll do that this summer” and then I put it on the list and promptly forget about it.

Then comes the first day of summer vacation, and what am I obligated to do? Oh yeah, tackle the list.

Today the first order of business was making 17 phone calls to make appointments for a variety of doctors visits , dog care, college visits and the like. I had to make a phone call to the insurance company and my doctor to figure out why nobody will refill a prescription for me that I need if I want to keep driving.

The kids crawl up from the basement, or more specifically, the Play station cave and want to know what’s for lunch. Oh, lunch. They want to eat. Brilliant.

“And by the way, mom, is my uniform clean?” asks the boy who will be leaving for college in a year.
“Yeah, I have had no clean underwear for like three days.” chirps the 14 year old.

Really? What have you been wearing? Never mind. I don’t really want to know.

Once I have finished soothing the natives I will get right on that list. I will tackle a deep cleaning of the boys’ toilet, clean out the fuzzy green stuff from the back of the fridge, or sweep the cobwebs off the treadmill. I will get right on that as soon as I’m done making myself a margarita for lunch.

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3 Responses to The List

  1. I will join you for that lunch margarita! It sure helps the list look a little better! “Soothing the natives” – I love this!

  2. Urgh! The list sounds like one big bad boy. Hope you’ll get done with it soon!

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